Friday, November 11, 2011

11. I wish.

Today's prompt (make 3 wishes for 11/11/11!) is so perfect. Mainly because I've been listening to the Into the Woods soundtrack lately, and the show is based around wishes.

The show closes Act I with a song called "Ever After" which includes these lyrics:

Though it's fearful
Though it's deep, though it's dark
And though you may lose the path
Though you may encounter wolves
You mustn't stop, you mustn't swerve
You mustn't ponder, you have to act
(In the show, it turns out that what the characters wished for had dire consequences. Ignore that.)

What inspirational words! Going after what you wish is scary. But you mustn't stop, you mustn't swerve! Even if it's dark, and you may lose the path, and you may encounter wolves. You mustn't ponder. You have to act!

Last night, Propelle hosted a Networking Happy Hour at AVA. It was SO inspiring to be in a room with 40-50 women who were all interested in sharing their passions and connecting. I have so many passions (as evidenced here) that it's hard to know what I want to do sometimes. But being in a room filled with so many passionate, kind, effervescent women was so energizing and convinced me that no matter what, if I pursue my dreams, it will be okay. I can't gush enough about the night. Just phenomenal.

Anyway, back to those three wishes! Maybe wishes are supposed to be things you can't achieve on your own but I'm feeling very goal-oriented and so, I'm going to list three attainable wishes.

1. Complete my first ever knitted, adult-sized blanket. I've been working on it on and off for a year, but I keep getting distracted. So I've got to sit down (a lot) and just do it! Knit my heart out. That is, of course, after Christmas and baby showers are out of the way. ;)

2. Join a choir or find an outlet for my musical side. It's not something from which I'll ever make any money, but that's not why I like singing. Any choir recommendations for an alto?

3. Have a signature thing. Whether that's always wearing scarves, or having a "color," or sporting some awesome rings...I want to have a thing that people always expect me to do or have or wear. Because it just seems fun.

And just for good measure, three things I wish for that are less easily attainable:
- The chance to go back to Europe.
- Cutting out all of the states that sit between PA and NC (expressed here).
- An iPad 2. Not easily attainable on a volunteer's salary, thankyouverymuch.

What are your three wishes?

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  1. You had me at Into The Woods! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that play. I'm not sure what my 3 wishes would be? I'll have to ponder it! Thanks for a great post, good luck getting that iPad 2 - I can't afford it on a social worker's salary, either! ;)