Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Summing up a month in a blog post.

It's been awhile. A month and nine days, to be exact.

So, what have I done? That's a good question. The answer is, a lot. I've gotten more put on my plate at work. Not so much that I can't handle it, but there are definitely always things to be done. I don't really get "bored" at the office and if I do, it's because I'm procrastinating....which clues me in that I need to get back to my ever-evolving "to-do" list.

Things at the house are going well. We're still eating together four nights a week and cooking in pairs. It's so wonderful to serve each other like that; it really brings us together, I think. It ensures that we spend a solid amount of time together each week. Some people don't make it to every meal, but in general we eat as a family. Even when we don't all cook for each other, we tend to eat around the same times and pull up a spot around our (tiny) kitchen table.

My favorite new tradition (is that a contradiction?) in our house is popcorn Sundays. Every Sunday evening around 7, most of us gather 'round the same tiny kitchen table for popcorn and chit chat. I come home after church to the smell of popcorn (not microwave...the real thing) and the sounds of everyone laughing and talking. It's a good thing.

Seminars have been interesting. It's hard to remember what all we've done over the past 6 weeks since I last blogged but I'll try to recap. We visited the food bank one week and I got to see Waynesburg's former Bonner coordinator, Brian. It was good to see him, and to pack boxes at the food bank. We also went to the Pittsburgh Project and learned all about what they do. I'd never been into the classrooms before so it was great to see what they used to look like, and how they've changed. We also got to see the farm, which I helped to dig last November. It was great to see something (even just ground cover) growing where we had spent so much time digging in the chilly rain.

We had retreat in October! Unfortunately, it was the same weekend as Waynesburg's Homecoming game. I wish I'd been at the game to see everyone, but it was a good weekend nonetheless. I'm pretty hesitant about retreats because I always feel like they aren't really retreats--they're usually pretty time-consuming and more exhausting than a typical weekend at home. This retreat, thankfully, was different. We had plenty of time to just relax and hang out, which was great. We went to Ohio Pyle for a few hours; it was great to see everything during the fall with the beautiful colors. This fall isn't the best for the leaves but they were still pretty.

I've spent a lot of time lately reflecting--reflecting on what I do every day, how I react, etc. It's helping me to determine what I do and don't want to do in the future. For example, I like to have lists. When directions are vague, I feel less motivated to get a project done. I've been trying to take note of my feelings and reactions to different situations, in hopes that these observations will lead me towards a clearer path. Even knowing the field I'd like to pursue would be a big step for me right now!

Our house had a late "housewarming" party on Saturday night. It was so great to see my Waynesburg friends that have stayed around Pittsburgh. I love my housemates, but it's so nice to see a really familiar face sometimes. I think I'm so blessed to have two worlds colliding like I do; I get to experience the newness of the city and our relationships with my housemates but can experience the familiarity and ease of my friendships with my WU friends on a pretty regular basis.

I'm getting pretty tired and remembering is becoming even more difficult...but I am still enjoying myself here in Pittsburgh. Your prayers and support mean so much to me and my housemates as we continue to serve the Lord in the City of Champions!

p.s. I'm trying to convert the girls into Pittsburgh far, I have one Pens fan (unfortunately, she's also a Browns fan!). A few of them are happy when the Steelers win, but just for me. I'll win them over, yet.