Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15. Favorites.

Today, I'm recruiting for PULSE on Waynesburg University's campus. I'm so excited to go back with my good friend and current PULSEr Sarah to talk to current students about our experiences thus far with the program.

Waynesburg, smallest town I've ever lived in, is one of my favorite places. I've lived in teeny tiny city/big small town Greensburg, huge city London and small city/giant town Pittsburgh and enjoyed each of them. for different reasons. While I'm discovering that I'm truly a city girl at heart, this little town has a special place in it.

Why do I love Waynesburg? The ridiculous one-way streets? The complete lack of parking. The crazy squirrels? The getting older and in need of some love buildings? The somewhat apathetic student body?

Yes. (Except for that last bit, I tried not to interact with that last bit too often.)

But it's also the football games. And nights spent on the front porch of the house I shared with my friends senior year. And feeling a genuine sense of community for the first time. And wasting time in the caf with a friend instead of going to class. And going to class. And walking across the lawn in front of Miller Hall on my first day on campus to be welcomed into the WU (or, at the time, WC) family. And walking across the lawn in front of Miller Hall on my last day of campus, to receive my diploma.

So, one of this city girl's favorite places is a coal mining town with a population of less than 5,000. Surprise! What's one of your favorite places?

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