Friday, November 18, 2011

18. Pinny.

Not much time for writing today, but I'm going to gush for a few moments here. Allow me.

I love Pinterest. I love it so much that it has taken the #3 spot on my Chrome list of most-visited links. I love it! I know most of you are probably already on, but if you aren't--drop me a line with your email and I'll invite you (or you can request an invite, but I heard that takes longer).

Pinterest allows me the opportunity to gather up all of the things that I think are cool in one visual place, instead of folders full of links to recipes/patterns I can't see. It's just fun to look at!

I obviously like every board I have, but some of my favorites are:

My crafty board
Some highlights:
--these vases
--t-shirt puff necklace
--modge podge crafts!
--homemade cake stands

My home board
Some highlights:
--this easy-peasy spray painted canvas
--wallpaper on top of a coffee table
--pearl strand chandelier
--cheap roller blinds

My random board

Some highlights:
--grammatically correct = hot
--a Hall and Oates costume
--wedding dresses (for some day)
--"hussy" and "floozy" tea cups

So there you have it! Pinterest. Follow me!

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