Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22. Lucky?

I'm feeling at a loss for words today, so I'm going to write from the prompt. What's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to me, and why?

This is hard! Maybe if I wasn't feeling such a loss for words, I could come up with something. I guess in general, though, I think the luckiest thing to happen to me was to join PULSE.

That single decision, to move to the city of Pittsburgh, brought me:

-seven amazing women to share in community for a year
-a job at an amazing organization
-a love of place (Pittsburgh, I love you. Not a secret.)
-a supportive community of PULSE alumni, staff and friends
-service opportunities and ways to get involved in my neighborhood
-friends who do amazing things, like a pre-Thanksgiving stuffing & pie bake off
-a chance to further explore my passions

And about a million other things. But really, I can't tell you enough how much PULSE has meant to me.

If you want to support PULSE and our mission to cultivate a community of service leaders to transform Pittsburgh, join us at our holiday shopping night at Ten Thousand Villages in Squirrel Hill. Support PULSE, support fair trade artisans, support Pittsburgh's economy! Three great things in one.

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