Friday, November 4, 2011

4. Pen.

Pen vs. computer: the age-old battle. Well, at least the battle from 2000-present.

This might surprise you, but I much prefer the pen to the computer. Yes, I use a computer at least 3 times more than I use a pen. Yes, most of my job(s) revolve around typing things as opposed to hand-writing them. But sometimes, there's nothing more satisfying than putting pen to paper.

This sounds crazy, but go with me on this. Things on the computer just seem less real. I guess because the document I'm creating can't be held in my hands, it's not physically tangible and therefore becomes kind of intellectually intangible too. Like what I'm doing here doesn't exist. Which is a crazy thing to say for someone whose bread and butter is the digital realm. But that's what I feel.

What about you? Do you prefer pen, or computer? And, just to stir things up: pen or pencil? Mac or PC? The debate here could be endless...

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