Monday, November 28, 2011

28. Almost!

I can't believe it! I'm almost done with this whole NaBloPoMo business. I'll admit, I'm feeling a little burdened by blogging every day. But more reflection on Day 30.

Right now, I'm still recovering from the weekend. I had so much fun. It amazes me that my niece is 16 months now. She walks way more than she crawls. She speaks so much jibberish, you're certain she's carrying on a conversation with you. She says real words. She communicates what she wants through simple points & grunts. She understands what you say when you talk to her. She feeds her baby dolls, wipes their bottoms and burps them. For all of these reasons, she's a toddler now. Not a baby!

The best reason? She's such a ham. This little girl knows what makes her audience laugh and when to milk it! She makes adults melt. All of them. She's so wonderful. She claps and squints and makes giggly noise something akin to "hee hee" but with a bit more "ng" at the end. "Heeng," maybe? And her faces. So expressive!

 I had the amazing privilege of seeing her first steps in North Carolina in October, and on this trip to Greensburg I had the chance to ride the Christmas train with her! She loved it.

Yes, Aunt Maggie bought her a Steelers jersey. :)

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