Saturday, June 11, 2011

What else do I love?

Here it second "Favorite Things" post. Two weeks in a row. I'm already impressed by my dedication.

On with the post:

1. Banana bread.
We at the PULSE house recently bought waaaaay too many almost-ripe bananas, resulting in many a brown banana in our freezer. Solution? Banana bread. Chocolate chocolate chip banana bread, to be exact. I have a classic recipe of my mom's that is usually my go-to, but today I ventured onto the Interwebz and found this gem, with sour cream, from Savory Sweet Life. Didn't alter the main recipe, but did add brown sugar and cinnamon to the top. The bread is delish. Consider yourself informed.

2. Dear Photograph.
A creative new(ish) tumblr with pictures of a picture from the past in the present. Confusing when put succinctly, but really all it is is people taking pictures of themselves, holding up pictures of what used to be in the same spot. So that photo of you walking down the stairs at your parents' house? Go to the same spot where it was taken. Hold the photo so it lines up with the current scene. Take a photo.

3. 'Burghers being 'Burghers.
Monday, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the silent auction table for Pittsburgh Magazine's Best Restaurants party. What a fun time--such good food! I could rant & rave about it forever, but really that's not the point of this favorite thing. 
My coworker and I had some time to eat before we worked the auction table, and we noticed that Notion had these little packets of...crumbs? That's what it looked like, anyway. Later while working the auction table, I saw someone with the packet. So I asked him what was in it. What did he do? Told me to stick out my hand, and shook the crumbs (actually little bits of popcorn) into my hand. Then offered me the whole thing. So Pittsburgh.
A few days later, I went with Anna to try on Maid of Honor dresses for her sister Molly's wedding. While Anna was trying things on, I was making small talk with the consultant (owner? Manager? Sales associate? I don't know). She told me all about going dahntahn and how it only took her six minutes from Swissvale, but now with all the cars it could take an ahr. She wrote down all of Anna's styles, even though we weren't getting a dress there. Offered to let me try things on, too. Showed me the wasp building a nest outside the winduh--he was sticking his little head in 'air to make the holes. She was Pittsburgh through and through--lovely.

4. Fitz and the Tantrums
I might always make number four music. Because it's always one of my favorite things. This week? Fitz and the Tantrums...coming to Schenley Park for free on June 24!

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