Monday, June 6, 2011

Thank you very much.

So, I started doing a daily devotional about 6 weeks ago. While the devotional (sadly) only lasted a few weeks before it fell into the deep dark abyss that is the books beside my bed that I have yet to read, one of the daily "practices" stuck.

For the past month, I've been keeping a thankfulness journal. At the end of every day, I write down one thing for which I'm thankful as well as maybe a short sentence about the thing. The goal of the month was to not repeat anything, and I didn't. In the future, I'll allow for repeats.

 Looking back, I don't really know why I was thankful for these particular things on their respective days. But one think I know for sure: I'm a pretty blessed woman who has a lot to be thankful for.

My first month of thankfulness. I'm thankful today for...

-05/08: my mom. We don't alway see eye to eye, but she loves me and would do anything for me.
-05/09: the beautiful weather and the chance to enjoy it.
-05/10: the support I have here at my (PULSE) home. They're always here.
-05/11: Chris. He really believes in us--so important.
-05/12: new life. Alicia's brother and sister-in-law had a little girl, Adele, today.
-05/13: the ability to go out to eat. So many people in the world can't, and I live in a restaurant hot-spot.
-05/14: the chance to see Molly. She is such a wonderful person; I wish I knew her more.
-05/15: my wonderful community. It was great to see PULSErs and the neighborhood together cheering for the Marathon.
-05/16: my freedom. I'm not one for patriotic declarations, but the Freedom Riders inspire me.
-05/17: Sam and her support whenever I ask for it. She's great.
-05/18: another year in PULSE at ELDI to continue learning and growing.
-05/19: living in the city so I can see cool things like Cirque du Soleil. How awesome.
-05/20: quiet nights at home on the couch. Enough said.
-05/21: the Cyktor family. What wonderful people.
-05/22: my supportive church family.
-05/23: professionals willing to meet with young people. The advice they offer can be invaluable.
-05/24: my placement at ELDI. I couldn't have picked a better match for me, and it's amazing to look back on how God has worked through that process.
-05/25: laughter. It's always the best-whether it's medicine to cure whatever ails you or the cherry on top of the day.
-05/26: 4-day weekends.
-05/27: my big sister. She's so supportive of my ideas and just wants what's best.
-05/28: my niece. Anna's so beautiful--can't believe she's almost a year old
-05/29: indoor plumbing. Seriously.
-05/30: my very best friend, Amanda. We've been friends for over half of our lives.
-05/31: my big front porch with space for reading and eating and community-building.
-06/01: the wisdom and sympathetic ears of my friends.
-06/02: silly time spent in the car with Anna. And time spent in my room with Anna. And other times spent with Anna. Basically, Anna.
-06/03: making new friends and connections.
-06/04: Pittsburgh and the people here. It's just lovely.
-06/05: neighbors who willingly donate to PULSE. "Keep up the good work!"
-06/06: forgiveness from friends who dish out more to me than I deserve.

So there it is. A month of thankfulness, right from my journal.

What are you thankful for, Pittsburgh?

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