Sunday, June 19, 2011

This week's favorite things.

Let's be honest--if I had my way, my favorite things would be the same every week. Pittsburgh, knitting, baking, and a mix of Adele/Sara Bareilles.
But that just can't happen. I have to love more than that. Right? I do. But just always know that I'm fighting back the urge to put "Pittsburgh" as my favorite things.

1. Preschool Gems.
I feel like all of my friends who work with kids have these hilarious stories of what happens to them at work. My office is a pretty lively place and we have a fun time, but the things that come from the mouths of children are just too cute.

That's why I love Preschool Gems. I follow it on Twitter, but you can "like" it on Facebook as well. When I'm having a bad day or just need a little pick-me-up, it makes me giggle. Some of my favorites:
-"I glow in the dark and I am now a bobcat."
-"I'm going to the jungle of bees and dogs with my whole family!"
-"I can't stop thinking about mermaids."

I can't stop thinking about mermaids either, friend.

2. My front porch.

I've tried to spend time on my porch almost every day. It's huge, we have a porch swing, and I like to read. Perfect combination. I'm blogging from the porch right now! Photo courtesy of PhotoBooth.

3. Rhubarb.
Who wouldn't love rhubarb after eating this delicious cake? Via On Food and Baking, a delicious blog by my friend Emily.

(Confession: this photo is from On Food and Baking. My cake didn't look nearly as delicious, and also got eaten before I had a chance to snap a good photo!)

4. Big Hurry.
My friend Kelly (check her out on Yinzpiration!) is an excellent band called Big Hurry. If you don't know about them yet, you should.

Check them out Friday at WYEP's Summer Music Festival at Schenley Plaza. Also playing is last week's favorite, Fitz and the Tantrums. Good, free Friday.

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