Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles.


I really love raindrops on roses. Whiskers on kittens, too. Ever seen a brown paper package, tied up with string? It's one of my favorite things.

Har har har, I know. But really. I've been thinking lately about things that I love, thanks to an activity I'm doing about thankfulness (that I'll post in a few days, when the first month is up). I've decided that I want to write, weekly, about my favorite things. Then maybe some day when I'm old and grey and I regale my grandchildren with the stories of these things called blogs (who knows where we'll be by then), maybe I'll look back and remember some of those things. At the very least, it will serve as a reminder in two years.

So here it favorite things. Edition one.

1. Chaco tan lines.
Those aren't my feet (I'm not that tan yet...), but they reflect my summer goal: get as ridiculous a tan as possible on my feet from my favorite shoes, my Chacos ZX 2s. To me, these tan lines signify a summer well spent in the sunshine, having adventures. Who doesn't love a summer like that?

2. Jam sessions on the front porch.
This weekend Joel, dear friend of Anna and a future PULSEr, came to visit us. Beatle (as he is affectionately called by a few Blufftonites) plays the guitar. 

After running to the grocery store to "just pick up a few things" and coming home with a full trunk of fresh produce and ice cream, we took to the porch for some singing. Joel played and we all sang and it was lovely. Occasionally we heard a crack of thunder, and a gentle breeze blew over us. Sounds like a cheesy book but that was my real life tonight. How awesome is that?

3. Reading.
Something I've loved forever. I don't think reading will ever NOT be a hobby of mine. But I've particularly appreciated it this week, spending most of Memorial Day on the front porch (noticing a theme here, perhaps?), as well as the days afterward. Who doesn't love curling up with a good book on a cold day, or escaping the heat with an intriguing storyline? Fools, that's who. 

4. This song.
Just in love with this song. No real reason. It's just catchy.

So...first "favorite things" post down. infinite number to go. If I don't keep this up, punch me, okay?

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