Friday, December 30, 2011

Talking. [Resolution 4], it's almost 2012 (insert bad cliche about time flying here). This is the fourth post in a series on New Years Resolutions; mine, and others. Read my other resolutions here, here and here.

I have a secret. Do you want to hear it? It might surprise you, so prepare yourself. I'll give you some time and post this nice video of two hipsters singing a song in a hipster way.

Did I give you enough time to prepare? Okay, make sure you're sitting down. Here's the secret:

I'm shy.

Yes! I'm shy. I love to laugh and I love to talk and I love to meet new people. But I'm terribly shy. Contradictory, I know. But if I have to do the approaching in a social setting, good luck getting me to do it. And, if I meet you one time, I'm usually afraid that you won't remember me and that I'll look weird for remembering I smile, but not enough to be a creep. Because who wants a creep approaching them at Whole Foods?

As someone who will be looking for a job come July 27 (know any nonprofits in need of someone to give them a voice? Give me a call!), I need to learn how to approach people. And to not be afraid to remind them who I am. Or better yet, stop assuming that they don't remember me.

It's a shame that I'm so shy, at the beginning, because that's really not who I am. Once you get to know me, I'll never shut up. And I'll laugh so loud that you'll be embarrassed to be out in public with me. But if you see me out somewhere and we've only met once, you're going to have to approach me. Because the idea of approaching people just makes me feel awkward.

So, there's my fourth resolution for 2012. I'm going to start approaching people and stop being so darn shy. The more I do it, the more comfortable I'll be. And then I'll have more friends and gainful employment! And who doesn't want that?

(Between you and me, this will probably help in my dating life too. But. That stays between us.)

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  1. No one is embarrassed by your laugh - we all love it!