Thursday, December 29, 2011

Supporting. [Resolution 3], it's almost 2012 (insert bad cliche about time flying here). This is the third post in a series on New Years Resolutions; mine, and others. Read my other resolutions here and here.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love my job. I love it for so many reasons, but mainly it's because I'm in the neighborhood. It's my job to love and care for where I live. Isn't that great?

Because I am all about the neighborhood, I get to do things like walk over to the Boulevard to check on the trees. Half an hour to roam the streets? Definitely work. Take a walk around the commercial core on a sunny day. I pop in to the businesses and say hello. Part of the job!

I also consider it part of my job to support these local businesses. Yes, I could go over to Target and grab a cup of Starbucks. But, I could also walk nearly the same distance in the other direction and grab a cup of direct trade coffee from Kazanda's (her dad grows her beans on his farm in Haiti. Seriously!).

It's not just in East Liberty, though. Pittsburgh has plenty of small, locally-owned businesses. So, in 2012, I resolve to support local businesses more than I did in 2011. Farmer's markets (East Liberty has one year-round and one Citiparks summer market. How lucky are we?), shops on Butler Street, Kazanda's.

What kind of new years resolutions are you cooking up?

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