Monday, December 13, 2010


So am I, dear reader. So am I. I haven't posted two weeks in a row in a verrry long time. I guess I just have lots to say today.

First of all, I'll never complain about not being in the Christmas spirit again! I spent a good chunk of today sorting through holiday card lists, Googling businesses (isn't it funny how "Googling" has become part of our national lexicon?), and attempting to pare down the card list at work. No such luck. Tomorrow, I get to help sign/label nearly 200 holiday cards. Merry Christmas to ALL, indeed.

Onto my next topic, also work-related. I just feel blessed to be at my office. I've worked in a lot of places, and I've been fortunate to only have one (maybe one and a half) bad experience. But I'm just having a great experience this time. So supportive. That's all.

This weekend was Unwrapped at Union Project! In case you missed it, their stained glass restoration project was on the front page of the Post-Gazette on Saturday, just in time for Unwrapped. It was a great night, made better by the appearance of my dear friend from college Sarah who came up to visit/attend Unwrapped with me. So cool to see so many people (and so many former PULSErs, really) come together for an amazing community space.

Speaking of former PULSErs, a fantastically friendly and helpful alum, Kate, has started a crazy-cool blog. Yinzpiration. And it is just what it sounds like--inspirational folks, yinzer style. Her most recent interview was with my friend (and fiance to my wonderful housemate Beth), Jesse Landis-Eigsti. Jesse is super sweet and he has a blog where he reviews the world. Literally, he reviews the world. Parking tickets to marriage to himself, nothing is left untouched. Read up.

Also, I have sold my soul to the knitting powers that be. Next year, someone remind me to start making Christmas gifts in July! I think my fingers are going to fall off. Or perhaps I'll just start knitting in my sleep? That sounds like a great support group. Sleep-knitters Anonymous.

There are only 12 days until Christmas. So do the "Twelve Days of Christmas" begin today? Or is it for the 12 days following the holiday? I never know.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Maggie!

    I'm enjoying your blog... I hope you are having sweet dreams while you knit in your sleep!