Sunday, October 30, 2011


The other day, my roommate Juliana and I were in our kitchen. I was telling her about my morning, which I'd spent outside in the rain/snow mix taking pictures for work (we had volunteers to helps us with rain garden installations--such great people!). I had connected with one of the volunteers before, and he's my friend Whitney's supervisor. We started talking, and I was really energized by our interaction. I was relaying our conversation back to Juliana (I promise, it was relevant) and her response was great:

"Wow. The city's so small for you, isn't it?"

Yes. It totally is. Reason #28,734 why I love Pittsburgh. What are some of your reasons for loving our fair city?

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  1. I feel that way too sometimes...I feel like it used to be so much bigger before I lived here. Yet there's still so much for me to see and do.
    Keep blogging!